Holes is a strategy game where you use cavities to carry out an epic mouth conquest. Evolve, develop technologies, and prepare to take over!
You will have to evolve over the course of eras during which you will improve your technology and fight against your opponents to dominate the mouth.
Choose your colour and start your reign!

Infinity Imperium

Choose your civ, expand your empire, fight for the supremacy, travel through time to change the course of history, discover what’s happened to the Infinitians before the end in this new space RTS!


After the events of Infinity Imperium comes a pocket universe, in which the Planton are created! A form of plant life that wanders the space terraforming entire planets and solar systems

Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

The stars of Protonic  

As we prepare for the summer break, we want to update you on the latest aspects of Protonic's development. Finally after the summer break we....

Captain Protonic & Protonic coming soon!

As promised in the last news, here we are delving into our first IP as a game publisher in the indie world! As mentioned some time ago, our project is divided.....

Protonic is splitting into two!

We are happy to report that our first IP in the Indie world as professionals in the field, will split from one IP to as many as two! This is because the Protonic universe is expanding a little bit to.....