Timeline and the future

We have started the development of Animal Space (A.S). A multi platform project that will be expanded a lot of times and will have various titles set in ages close to one another. This project is available both on desktop and mobile device and its narration is set in a universe part of Infinity Imperium. The pocket universe born from the end of the main title Infinity Imperium gives the opportunity to create a lot of linked projects, surely A.S is the first project we decided to develop to give a correct narration of what has already happened.
Our projects donít respect the chronological order, if you want to see the correct time location we advice you to check the link of the chart of the universe of I.I . https://aeternumlight.com/universe.html
A.S is much more than a project of strategic multiplayer and single player! It contains references and details of the projects developed, in work in progress and yet to create!

In the future, but not too distant, thereís a change of route for M.F.S!

Mars: Farming simulator changes route! Or rather changes name! Yes, we would like to do it after having analyzed the project which we would like to spread thanks to a campaign on Kickstarter, which will make the game even more amazing! We are preparing a prototype we would like to show you. We would like to create something funny and we have evaluated various game dynamics to make it even broader in its role. Itís not only about creating a farm on Mars but itís about everything that it concerns and itís related to it! The prototype for the campaign will give the idea of what we mean and the goals we want to achieve! Soon we will publish an article completely about our dear M.F.S!



Animal Space has been announced

We are joyously announcing the development of Animal Space! This project is part of the universe of Infinity Imperium, precisely set in the multiverse created after the events of I.I (whoever is not up-to-date is kindly adviced to purchase a copy of I.I that will allow you to get I.I Lost Space FOR FREE! And to be updated about the history of this arcane universe)

Animal Space in another tactical title but it will be part of an universe of empires and kingdoms in full expanse in the cosmos. 

It has been 70.000 years since the events of infinity Imperium occurred and various species in the pocket universe are beginning their story in the deep cosmos.



Infinity Imperium: Lost Galaxy

The universe of I.I is expanding and so do the works on our main project!! In I.I Lost Galaxy the events narrated happen 70000 years after the first chapter, life begins to develop itself by shape and civilization, kingdoms will meet each other to discover where everything has started from! I.I Lost Galaxy will be free for those who already have the first title of I.I, and those who have our app Aska will be able to download DLC, mod and much more! The project will also be in multiplayer co-op so that it will guarantee battles among players in huge galaxies. Soon we will analyze this expansion more in detail.



The shared universe is expanding!

As many of you know, our aim as indie studio is to tell a story, from the shared multiverse about various projects weaved together and comics. 

For sure something risky and that has never been done before in the ludic scene, and to do that we have done our best to create a legend clear and complete for those who read it. We have recently enlarged this scenario adding new well-thought projects to answer the questions of the first and second titles. 

Infinity Premium grows up to six chapters, adding other new under-projects which will enrich the plot. 

If everything goes according to plans, we would like to create cartoon movies, which will be added to the shared universe of I.I