The comeback!... 

Good morning, everyone! We are delighted to communicate with you after a period of silence and reorganization of our indie game development studio. As many of you may have noticed, we took a break to completely reset our working tools and reorganize ourselves in order to offer increasingly innovative and engaging products.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our comeback to the indie market, with the promise of developing new projects for desktop and mobile, and the hope of eventually bringing our games to consoles. Our new incarnation comes with a logo that you can already see on our social channels and website, symbolizing our new style and passion for what we do.

Despite the social media hiatus, our development work has continued, and there are exciting updates on the way. We can't wait to share our latest projects in development with you, as well as our ideas for the future.

Stay tuned, as we will soon be announcing more news and will be happy to share them with you. Thank you for your support and for following us thus far. We are ready to restart with enthusiasm and passion to create the most engaging indie games in the market!

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Time elapsed... 

It's been a while since we posted the last news, and talked about our IPs in development. We apologize for the lapse of time in total silence, but we were very busy developing IPs and organizing our next moves well. And the time flew by..
Let us give you an overview of what we are doing, firstly we prepared the intro of our independent studio. Why did we have to do this? As many as 2 weeks ago we tightened an organizational scheme at the table, which will allow us to start our story arc based on the Infinity Imperium universe. Since what we threw down as a creative plan has yielded some very good results, thanks in part to the great success with our game Protonic. Which is currently approaching its alpha test version for you to try as soon as possible! During this time we have been rearranging and organizing our Team and the entire studio to begin the narrative production of something large, interwoven and compressed. To do this we have prepared updates on current IPs and those in progress to fit into this grand narrative we are unfolding. For this past time we apologize and you will be rewarded with juicy news coming soon, but everything has its time.

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Protonic ( Started dev phase beta 0.85 )

Imagine a galaxy where a balance is needed... a salvation that will bring peace... a cosmic organization that can solve problems... A union among civilizations the distant peoples and empires.. This cosmic organization is called The union! And de that in our IP players from all over the WORLD will be able to make careers, explore, become captains or for those who like to solve super cosmic problems admirals! In Protonic you will be able to make a career in a booming universe! The project is Free To Play and we will never stop saying that! We are defining interface making it better and we are going to prepare presentation material! As you can see from the screen made during a dev test, the interface has been improved and the star systems are larger and more navigable. We have also included free and paid In-games to upgrade the space engines! As you can see from this test dev screen, the upgraded engines will allow you to go faster and move from one point to another in the galaxy sooner.

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Increasingly Indie! 

Back from summer break, we are pleased to announce our new calendar, on developing our IP that are getting more indie than ever! We are happy with how much Feedback we have had about Protonic, and we are glad to see so much enthusiasm to want to try it out. We have decided in fact to prepare a release date for the early access beta, so you can immediately prepare your account to begin your galactic adventure as captains of a spaceship "in case Protonic a rocket." Here are what our goals are from September 2022 until December 2022, first by the end of the year we will release the full version of Protonic On-line. "Soon we will let you know the exact date and time" For those who didn't know, our project is totally Free To Play and already from the beta you will be able to taste many things. It doesn't end there! In fact the beta with the release of the full version, it too will have an update to become complete! Compared to other projects where the beta and only to present and give a preview. It will be completely updated for free and those who have the account will not feel any registration a clean and clear transition to the full version!

Don't worry about security, we have thought of everything! We have created easy registration with our Aska security systems. These systems will make very little very unattractive accounts on the game, being that it will not store any payment method making it unattractive by malicious hackers. But we will soon publish various material regarding you have our Aska systems and protection and security on Protonic On-line. We mention already now that the early access beta will only be open for 50 accounts, then when the game is released it will obviously expand with 100 more accounts and servers.





The stars of Protonic 

As we prepare for the summer break, we want to update you on the latest aspects of Protonic's development. Finally after the summer break we might be able to show you many goodies, one of them videos and gifs of gameplay and environment of the game, which we have already spoiled for you a bit.

We are looking forward to that time, so much so during this little wait we already want to announce to you that the singleplayer historical ho script is completed! And we look forward to being able to give you many details about it, but as they often say one step at a time at its proper time we would say everything.

One thing we can say without spoiling it, the stars will all have names and can be seen during hyper space and thanks to the compass that will allow us to orient ourselves in the galaxy. Symbolized by a nice wind rose you will be able to have at your fingertips missions, quests and sub-missions and much more in 3D view.   

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Captain Protonic & Protonic coming soon! 

As promised in the last news, here we are delving into our first IP as a game publisher in the indie world! As mentioned some time ago, our project is divided into two parts. The first in 2D Top-down view that will be totally online with events and co-op quests. The second that Protonic will be a sub-sort of navigation sequel totally immersed in 3D gameplay, it will narrate a bit about the aftermath of Captain Protonic. As you can see from the screen, Captain Protonic will be released soon. But rest assured we will announce the date and early access in time.  

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Protonic is splitting into two! 

We are happy to report that our first IP in the Indie world as professionals in the field, will split from one IP to as many as two! This is because the Protonic universe is expanding a little bit to also embrace a sequel and multiplayer version.

The two versions will have two different visuals and will have two different story lines, one will have 3D visuals and will allow free navigation in an immense galaxy! And the 2D visual version will have linear navigation, this choice as mentioned before will serve to better narrate the two different stories, currently the two IPs are at 45% and 50% of their development but we will give more information more later. You will be happy to know that we are arranging dates for early access to the two betas!

But will Protonic be part of the larger Infinity Imperium universe? That question will be answered later! We have many things in mind and given the further entry into the indie industry, we want to carry out each project to the fullest as well as any upgrades for old works to make them professional and in line with our work.  

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Every world has its own laws! 

It is now 2 years since our first IP touched Steam soil, and we are happy with what we produced at that time. And until then a lot of water has passed under the bridge, and a lot has changed since the time! That day marked our journey into the Indie world and the narrative beginning of the story we are developing over time, a story that has already been written for some time several years now! But as you know, developing video games is not easy at all, especially if you have definite timelines to meet. After all, it is part of the "game" of this business, and we are happy with the progress we have made over time despite being a very small indie video game publishing studio! And we have encountered so many obstacles and made so many good and sad announcements that have led us to be what we are, today we are here to make another announcement. One that will please and at the same time leave curiosity and great expectations. Because that is what we are talking about today in our news update, expectations well placed thanks to hard work that has paid off over time is allowed us to take another step forward in our professional growth.

We are delighted and honored to announce our working collaboration with a major distributor publisher of Indie games, of which its market is booming! Thanks to this collaboration we will go further and further and increasingly multilingual in the Indie sector. But it doesn't end there! As the first Indie project from game publishers that we will release with this collaboration will be him! Protonic! We are sure those who have been following us for a long time know that such news will not only allow us to seriously and professionally publish and release future and new IPs, but also to grow more and make new future deals with other companies in the industry.

And finally, we thank you for your support and backing over time and hope you will continue to do so, because there are still two more announcements to make! Soon to relaunch our very long and complicated narrative we are going to relaunch i a better format and that will lead us to use it in all new and future IPs. And the first project that will be reproduced and well taken care of with its relaunch will be Infinity Imperium! But it doesn't end there! We will also be releasing a mobile sequel below! You read that correctly! In the beginning it was meant to be a new DLC but given its rich and unique content we thought to give it a standalone of its own! We can't wait to show you what we have in store for you! And to start this professional journey we have made a small change to our logo, which already previews our future! 

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Protonic in the alpha stage! 

We can't wait to release early access! And while we are planning for such a moment, we would like to inform you that Protonic is in the alpha stage! And at this rate we will have something to share with you! Protonic has had some changes in this three-week span, first we decided to improve the core gameplay. Before everything was laid on one plane making it 2D with 3D elements as a whole, now it is all shifted to 3D and even the galaxy is no longer a sheet to walk through. Improved the graphical appearance of 3D models, which we will shortly release screenshots on the various social channels

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protonic beyond the stars! 

Everyone who wants to become an intergalactic ship captain will be able to do so with Protonic! Our new IP in development inspired by the Star Trek universe will arrive by September, being inspired by this universe does not mean it will be a clone! RATHER! It will only be inspired on certain points such as, game dynamics and alliances. Everything else will be unique and exclusive! Clarifying the detail with Protonic you will be able to explore the galaxy, do exploratory or diplomatic missions. There will be no shortage of firefights and battles! All this totally immersed in RPG game dynamics! The project will be a Windows exclusive and we are thinking about a Mec version, currently we have recently entered the Beta phase. But fear not we plan to release an early access version soon! And a test version under development to gather your valuable feedback to make the game experience better. Protonic will also have an extension in multiplayer making the clash between players and space conquests compelling, the development plans if all goes well we plan to release Protonic around September 2022. That's right this year and soon too! We will soon release more details about the release that you can test for free to give us your feedback! We look forward to sharing an entire galaxy with you!

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Holes is back! 

Finally our most unique work has been released! All to explore and play! Holes for the moment with two epochs will take you leading your empire of cavities to conquer the entire mouth. The project is being expanded and anyone who gets a copy will be able to enjoy it for free! In fact currently it is planned to add a third epoch the one that will take you into space! Also planned will be multiplayer modes and some expansions! What are you waiting for! Get your copy now! https://en.idcgames.com/holes/

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Welcome Protonic! 

We are pleased to announce that we are working on a new project totally RPG! the project is currently designed for Windows and Mec, but we do not deny future porting to other platforms. Currently we can only say that the environment will be totally sci-fi and fantasy, and that the gameplay will be focused on growing your experience to move forward in the story of the game. We welcome Protonic next project coming out this year!

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Holes the remake? A great comeback? 

With great joy we announce our first title as official publishers, and it could not fail to do so a title as bizarre and peculiar as Holes! His great return landing in its version 1.0 that not only revises the old outdated graphics, but reincarnates it in all respects in 3D. Currently composed of two fantastic eras Holes will transport the player in an epic war in the conquest of the entire mouth, doing so will use various civilizations caries exploiting their terrible and devastating technologies to evolve and become more and more powerful until the space age! This last one will be added with the update 1.5, in the future there will also be DLC as multiplayer and the inclusion of more civilizations. You can enjoy this fantastic title in full expansion at the following link: https://it.idcgames.com/holes/ 

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New best intro for Aeternum Light Studio 

New best intro for Aeternum Light Studio
On the occasion of our arrival in the indie world, we have updated our intro. Which from now on will accompany our products over time, we have re-evaluated and re-conceived our logo adapting it to best suit our development studio and what it represents in the narrative sense of our projects. You can have a look at it directly below  

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Our website gets a makeover for the occasion! 

Our website gets a makeover for the occasion!
On the occasion of our new partnership we have updated our website, with a more fluid graphic look in its mobile and desktop version. The best games and news always at your fingertips, you can take a look at the following link: www.aeternumlight.com 

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The development studio expands! 

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with companies in the international publishing sector, in this period we have prepared several IP in the indie sector to define our narrative arc in the universe of Infinity Imperium. We are confident that this new partnership will allow us to reach more distributors around the world and expand our audience. Our studio joins the international independent game publishers, and we embrace this responsibility with great joy and pride. We have several things to settle before announcing the titles that will make our way into this fantastic industry, and we're happy to be able to share this with you who have long supported and followed us. Stay tuned we'll be making big announcements soon for this new avenue of ours!

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Event Day: Mars: Farm Simulator 

The Mars Farm Simulator support campaign started during our Event Day is now over but we can't wait for this new IP to take shape anyway!
Mars: Farm Simulator will not be the classic space manager with a Martian setting but it will immerse you in a world hostile to man where the first rule is to try to survive! The search for food and resources will be essential to try to create the first settlements and related farms on Mars!





Event Day: Infinity Imperium: Lost Galaxy

Infinity Imperium: Lost Galaxy, the follow-up to the narration of the first Infinity Imperium, a title that many who have already tried the semi-definitive version of Infinity Imperium are looking forward to trying, very soon it will have a prototype and what we will show you as backstage content will be just the tip of the iceberg!
Stay tuned!



Event Day: Holes

Holes: one of the most anticipated and coveted projects by many of you who follow us!
Officially presented during our Event Day, Holes promises to bring the world of strategists into a new world never explored before: on the teeth!
You will play the role of bacteria that cause the painful cavities and your goal will be to conquer all the available teeth and soon you can admire it in a new and unprecedented graphic guise!



Event Day: Sprint

Sprint, a quiet gameplay enclosed in a classic arcade racing with simple graphics but with detailed maps that will make you immerse yourself in a world of boats!
The project includes several maps of race and free race events where it will be possible to play with one or more of your friends in multiplayer.
Event Day allowed us to show you a small taste of what the game will become and soon we'll show more behind the scenes contents and who knows, maybe even a Beta version!



Sprint: we are close!

After galactic wars and fighting for survival from deadly machines, you could not miss a bit of healthy relaxation!
Why not relax with model boats on a race to the last sail? This is Sprint!
This project has also made people talk about itself in these months and your comments have confirmed that this project is suitable for those who want a quiet game!
The project, like the rest presented during Event Day, is in pre-production and many aspects will be revised and arranged, but the concept will not change: your goal will be to win races and earn credits for change and improve your boat but not only! There will be other events and things to do, but we don't want to ruin your surprise, for now!
Keep an eye on the project: it will be worth it!



Event Day: Machines vs Human

The future may not always seem prosperous for the human race and this is made clear in the project that made so much discussion when we presented it during Event Day: Machines vs Human is for sure a darker title in comparison to other projects in development!
The video we showed during Event Day is a pre-production and this means that the graphic aspect and also some game mechanics will be modified and improved so we can offer you a polished product that can live up to your expectations.
Some information about the game: the view will be in the third person, you will have various items available that will be collected in an inventory but you can only use one at a time, so no rifle if you are repairing the base! The compass will need to orient you in the game map, a city in complete ruins after centuries of no quarter war in which you will have to find and rebuild advanced bases and fortify them before the machines notice you and come to eliminate you!
And now the icing on the cake: thanks to advanced technologies, you can travel through time and change both the past and the future with the aim of reconquering the city before cars in a time war where humanity struggles for survival against a relentless, soulless enemy whose sole purpose is to exterminate everything is not mechanical!
The war is about to begin: will you be on the side of machines or humanity?



Event Day: recap of the event

Thank you all for attending the most important day for our studios! Event Day gave us interesting facts about what you like or not and what to prioritize!
In this event we presented you what is now and what will come and certainly there was some very juicy news! We will continue to analyze what we have learned in order to make our dreams come true at its best! Event Day has been the answer to many questions and we are sure that great news awaits us!



Mars: Farm SimulatorÖeveryone to Mars!

Welcome back! Today we will talk about our project currently on Kickstarter, Mars: Farm Simulator!
As you can admire from the new succulent screenshots, the project is designed for Windows and Mac but in case the campaign goes well, let's not rule out a porting on Xbox One!
As you know, the game offers a first-person view and a strategic one with a view from above to manage your own settlement. Growing food will not be a comfortable walk and everything will depend on your own equipment that can be purchased by exchanging resources with the orbiting space station. Also remember that the Martian climate will be unpredictable and the sandstorms will affect the functionality of your facilities until you have to rebuild them because destroyed by the sandstorms, so no break for the poor settlers!
So what else do you say? Get on your helmets and get ready with oxygen cylinders!
Your support is the fuel that will make this project effective: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aeternumlightstudio/mars-farm-simulator



The support of Mars: Mars Simulator

We want to thank you very much for your support for our project! At Aeternum Light Studio we just want to give you the best of our possibilities and for this we announce that support for Mars: Farm Simulator will continue for years.
Why? Because in Mars: Farm Simulator we are not only talking about cultivation and fuel but also about exploration and survival in the first Martian colonies! We remind you that whoever supports the project as a Martian Pathfinder will have every future DLC that will be released for free!
What are you waiting for? Join the expedition too! Suit up and come with us in a Mars that can be explored in the first person and with management game mechanics!
Ready to go? Below you will find the link to your ticket to Mars! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aeternumlightstudio/mars-farm-simulator



Aeternum Light Event Day: the program!

We are now running out: in a few days the Event Day will begin and for the occasion we want to give you the event program!
You will find the link to the PDF at the bottom of the news!
As you will see, there is so much to show you and the entire Aeternum Light Studio staff is happy and eager to know what you think of what you will see!
What else to say? Happy Event Day to everyone!
PDF: https://gat.to/wo8jo
Event Day: https://gat.to/gebae



Aeternum Light Studio Event Day: weĎre close!

September 4 is now around the corner!
In case you missed the previous news, on 4 September there will be the Aeternum Light Studio Event Day, ourdigital event where you can try with your hand whatwe are doing everything absolutely free!
The countdown hasstarted and we can't wait to show you a lot of news! All you willsee and try are new IPs in pre-production and work in progress material but there will also be a further surprise: during the event day our first video game of 2021 will be published!
Below you willfind the link to access the event!
We are looking forward to celebrating this great event with you!



Event Day: the day of Aeternum Light Studio!

In this world fewthingscannot be bought and one of theseis time: time is a gift and it's up to us to manageitatits best!
At Aeternum Light Studio, we are giving our best to make our stories better and, althoughwe are only a small indie studio, we use the resourcesavailable to the best to make ourown projects! Duringourabsence, wefocused on developing Infinity Imperium, renewedour logo and, aboveall, weprepared and organized a completely free digital event for you all!
Why make an event like this? Becausewewanted an event just for us, with the aim of showing you in a comprehensive and exhaustive way whatwe are working on, our goals and future projects notyet in development.
Whenwill this epic event be held? The scheduled day is 4 September 2021!
What will you see? Wedon'twant to spoiler toomuchbutwe can tell you thatwewillpresent in absolute preview, among the manythings, of the beta projects that you can tryonlythat day and, mostlikely, you can take advantage of special discounts for projects alreadyreleased!
Participationwill be totally free and to participate you just need to click on the link thatwewilldistribute in the coming weeks. At the Aeternum Light Studio Event Day you willfinally be able to see and try with youreyes and your hands everythingwe are doing and wewillrealize!
We are waiting for you!



Something big boils in the pot!

Time goes by and during this time wehavefocused on 200% on some projects we are about to announce.
In case you think of a mistake, weassure you thatitísnot the case: itisnít a single project butmultiple projects!
What'sactually in store? Wecan't tell you everythingnowbutwe can tell you that this noveltywillallowus to tell ourentireepic story and that this noveltyiscloselylinked to a mighty wind thatwillchangeusforeverallowingall of you to enjoyeverythingwewillachieve with a single click!
Are you curious to know whatitreallyis? You just have to stay tuned!



Time & Space: pauses and reflections

Animal space is in pause for reflection.. but we have a beta version! It wasnít easy deciding to pause the development of a project announced not long ago, but unfortunately in the world of development hindrances and unexpected events are always around the corner. Unluckily the team of graphic designers chosen for the project has left us. The beta version was fixed as best as possible to see what was better to be done. In case of events like this you can start from the beginning or rather take a break to evaluate the various options available, this is why we have to stop the developments of our project. But not for long! We have given ourselves a period of time to evaluate well and take a decision, in the meanwhile we are preparing ourselves for a great comeback! A surprise for you all!

Something big is boiling in the pot!
Time goes by and we have focused 200% on the projects we are about to announce! Yes you have read it right! Not only a project but different ones! This is why we have a gift for you all! We are finally about to release something new which we will soon talk about, and which will allow us to keep on with our video game narration! This news brings with it something unique which will change things forever! Something really big which will make you enjoy what we are creating in a simple click! We donít want to explain everything now, but when weíll do it you will be amazed and curious about the great news! You should know that this new thing coming will allow you to be 100% synchronized and you will have the opportunity to choose a lot of stuff that we are developing!



Timeline and the future

We have started the development of Animal Space (A.S). A multi platform project that will be expanded a lot of times and will have various titles set in ages close to one another. This project is available both on desktop and mobile device and its narration is set in a universe part of Infinity Imperium. The pocket universe born from the end of the main title Infinity Imperium gives the opportunity to create a lot of linked projects, surely A.S is the first project we decided to develop to give a correct narration of what has already happened.
Our projects donít respect the chronological order, if you want to see the correct time location we advice you to check the link of the chart of the universe of I.I . https://aeternumlight.com/universe.html
A.S is much more than a project of strategic multiplayer and single player! It contains references and details of the projects developed, in work in progress and yet to create!

In the future, but not too distant, thereís a change of route for M.F.S!

Mars: Farming simulator changes route! Or rather changes name! Yes, we would like to do it after having analyzed the project which we would like to spread thanks to a campaign on Kickstarter, which will make the game even more amazing! We are preparing a prototype we would like to show you. We would like to create something funny and we have evaluated various game dynamics to make it even broader in its role. Itís not only about creating a farm on Mars but itís about everything that it concerns and itís related to it! The prototype for the campaign will give the idea of what we mean and the goals we want to achieve! Soon we will publish an article completely about our dear M.F.S!



Animal Space has been announced

We are joyously announcing the development of Animal Space! This project is part of the universe of Infinity Imperium, precisely set in the multiverse created after the events of I.I (whoever is not up-to-date is kindly adviced to purchase a copy of I.I that will allow you to get I.I Lost Space FOR FREE! And to be updated about the history of this arcane universe)

Animal Space in another tactical title but it will be part of an universe of empires and kingdoms in full expanse in the cosmos. 

It has been 70.000 years since the events of infinity Imperium occurred and various species in the pocket universe are beginning their story in the deep cosmos.



Infinity Imperium: Lost Galaxy

The universe of I.I is expanding and so do the works on our main project!! In I.I Lost Galaxy the events narrated happen 70000 years after the first chapter, life begins to develop itself by shape and civilization, kingdoms will meet each other to discover where everything has started from! I.I Lost Galaxy will be free for those who already have the first title of I.I, and those who have our app Aska will be able to download DLC, mod and much more! The project will also be in multiplayer co-op so that it will guarantee battles among players in huge galaxies. Soon we will analyze this expansion more in detail.



The shared universe is expanding!

As many of you know, our aim as indie studio is to tell a story, from the shared multiverse about various projects weaved together and comics. 

For sure something risky and that has never been done before in the ludic scene, and to do that we have done our best to create a legend clear and complete for those who read it. We have recently enlarged this scenario adding new well-thought projects to answer the questions of the first and second titles. 

Infinity Premium grows up to six chapters, adding other new under-projects which will enrich the plot. 

If everything goes according to plans, we would like to create cartoon movies, which will be added to the shared universe of I.I